Announcing the Launch of Warp TMS

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Ward Logistics is thrilled to announce the launch of another service offering: Warp TMS. The multi-mode Transportation Management System (TMS) was designed to automate and streamline manual shipping tasks with a specialization in freight bill auditing. Understanding that human interaction and relationships are still needed in today’s industry, all clients are assigned a Logistics Solutions Specialist to assist with proactive daily management and resolution that is scalable and customizable to each customer’s needs and requirements.

Warp TMS provides automation to all shipping functions: freight bill audit, rate quote and comparison, shipment tendering, BOL/Label generation, track and trace, and so much more.

“Why is Ward Logistics adding a logistics software offering to its suite of product verticals?  It’s simple, we feel strongly about our multi-mode and fully integrated logistics solutions yet feel adding a software solution to manage it all was the missing piece. This exciting addition eliminates that concern.”

David Ward – Vice President – Ward Logistics

Whether the client ships with one carrier or several, produce one freight bill to hundreds, the Warp TMS strategy is simple: assist and provide automation and interaction so the client can become more efficient by eliminating manual steps in the process.

(Quote from pre-launch pilot customer)

“Using Warp TMS has changed our shipping department more than we could have imagined, making it more efficient than ever to ship LTL. Looking back on how we used to do shipping before using Warp TMS we can’t believe we survived without it.”

Conrad Martin – Shipping / Warehousing Manger – Breeo LLC

Warp TMS is a product of Ward Logistics LLC
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